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 PlayMaker D-I-Y Modular Sports Flooring

This is PlayMaker Courts, the do-it-yourself indoor/outdoor modular sports flooring system. PlayMaker's suspended surface game court tiles deliver unmatched playability and player safety. No dead spots, no hot spots. Just pure play. Year after year, with next to no maintenance!

Add one (or a pair!) of our super sturdy PlayMaker standard height or adjustable basketball goals, and your "homemade" backyard basketball court can become a serious practice facility. Optional adjustable tennis/badminton/volleyball net system, or a rebounder, can help you round out your back yard sports activities for the whole family. Add our lighting system to extend your play/practice sessions well into the evening hours.

We're certain you'll love the superior feel and game performance of the PlayMaker game court flooring system. It's great for just about any traditional "hard" court game activity.

 Basketball, Tennis, Multiuse Game Court Kits

PlayMaker has pre-packaged modular sports flooring kits for assorted sizes of basketball courts, tennis courts and multiple use game courts -- all in a variety of color schemes. All you need is enough space, and a suitable substrate, and you can build a "do-it-yourself" family game court right in your own back yard! 

Or add a little extra life to your old patio, porch, deck or dock with our 
all new Patio-Pizzazz!

 Our Game Court Tiles Are Built To Perform!

PlayMaker's unique suspension geometry   PlayMaker white line tile for reduced maintenance PlayMaker ramp tile for that finished look, makes court wheelchair accessible  
The tile interconnection system and unique 3-point suspension system feature precise vertical and lateral "flex" -- easing stress on joints and bones while still providing firm footing during hard turns, big jumps and quick stops. Your ankles, knees and back will thank you.

Our 12" 12" game court tiles are easy to install yourself. It's the best 3/4" suspended surface game court tile available - recommended for tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, or multi-use game courts outdoors or indoors.  

The open tile surface is designed to instantly shed water, plus the 3/4" tile height also helps prevents "birdbath" backsplash, so play may resume almost immediately after rain.

Our Accessory Tiles give your game court installation that professional finished look. 1-3/4" wide Line Tile is the fastest, easiest way to add boundary lines to your game court. The matching color 2" Ramp Tile adds that nice finishing touch to the court's perimeter, plus it makes your new game court wheelchair accessible.

PlayMaker Premier Tile - it's the perfect tile for new courts or retrofits!

Rejuvenate your old, worn painted concrete tennis court with a new PlayMaker modular suspended sports surface. It's really easy to do yourself and is very cost effective. Plus your renewed court will play better than ever.
 PlayMaker Works In My Back Yard!
Backyard fun anytime!I ordered the 2530 "PlayMaker" kit with a Playmaker Hoops model P206-A adjustable basketball goal. My local contractor put a concrete slab on grade, excavated for the anchor, and placed my hoop anchor in concrete, all for a reasonable fee. A few days later, 2 friends and I put the basketball goal up on the anchor and snapped the tiles together on the pad. Haven't stopped shooting since. Thanks PlayMaker!"

  Bob K., Westerville, OH

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